Get smarter about going out. 

let help you find the latest bar and restaurant promotions.


How HappyHour Works


HappyHour is a free mobile tool for finding promos at bars and restaurants near you. You can save your favorite places, share offers, and have alerts sent to your phone as well.

HappyHour saves you cash on something everybody loves: Having a good time with friends.


We also let you...



 Build your own Happy hour

Find your favorite bar or restaurant. Get a handful of friends to join in and you've just built your very own happy hour.


enjoy a DIGITAL SUGARdaddy

Stick around for another, we got you covered. Earn credit toward food and drinks at your favorite places.



Buy a round

Buy a friend a drink or snack from anywhere with as little as a phone number, email or Twitter handle.


Get smarter about going out.


HappyHour lets you know what your options are so you can make an informed decision. And we do that for free.